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Kobal Roots Roznato

Kobal Roots Roznato

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Winery: Kobal

Classification: Dry Rose Wine 

Varietals: 100% Zweigelt 

Appellation: Haloze Hills, Lower Styria (Štajerska), Slovenia

Density & Yield: 5,000 vines/ha; 1.2 kg/vine

Annual Production: 2,600 bottles

Alcohol: 14% 

Climate: Continental, with dry and hot summers, and snowy winters. The hot summer that was rich in sun was especially favorable to red varieties like Zweigelt. The autumn was so sunny that during harvest, preserved nuances of varietal aromas reminiscent of strawberry jam, small red fruit and tropical fruits were present. The harvest of Zweigelt began first half of Septermber.

Terrain: The terrain of the entire Štajerska region is made up of steep-sloped vineyards and narrow, wind-rich hill valleys. A diverse geological soil composition, consisting mainly of sand and clay with marl in the lower layers. The vineyards spread out over the finest wine-growing sites of Haloze Hills.

Farming: Organic farming; in conversion to certification.

Vinification: Kobal Roots Rožnato is a combination of perfectly ripe grapes, macerated for only 2 hours for Rose. The must or young Zweigelt juice was cared for according to various traditional-enological approaches, such as spontaneous fermentation with indigenous vineyard microflora and aging in 225l used oak barrels made of French wood. Malolactic fermentation also went threw spontaneously in barrels. Maturing on fine lees ,sur lie, 100%, intended for production of the varietal characteristic of Zweigelt.

All cellaring approaches were combined into the final creation of rose-rosato Zweigelt with minimal intervention in mind, and maintaining variety, fruitiness, terroir, purity and authenticity. Wine was bottled unfiltered, so sediment can occur in the bottle.

Tasting Notes: Kobal Roots Rožnato is representative of Kobal Roots wines that are renowned for their nature connection due to skin contact, native yeast from vineyard fermentation, minerality from marl soil vineyards, varietal recognizability, and minimal intervention in the cellar.

On the nose, we are aiming to express the growing site and the varietal taste. It is reminiscent of over-ripe strawberries, small red fruits, nuts, and various tropical nuances that indicate the grapes were ripened to perfection. The taste of the wine is pleasantly rounded with a long finish and shows the properties that are characteristic of maturation on lees and maturation in small oak barrels.

This is absolutely a more gastronomy type of Rose wine, and will only improve with 1-5 years of additional bottle aging.

Another creation by Kobal that curates a wine experience that perfectly captures introspection and pleasure.

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