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Kobal Sparkling Yellow Muscat Extra Brut

Kobal Sparkling Yellow Muscat Extra Brut

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Winery: Kobal

Classification: Extra brut sparkling white wine 

Varietals: 100% Yellow Muscat 

Appellation: Haloze Hills, Lower Styria (Štajerska), Slovenia 

Density & Yield: 5,000 vines/ha; 1 kg/vine 

Annual Production: 10,000 bottles 

Alcohol: 12% 

Climate: Continental, with dry and hot summers, and snowy winters 

Terrain: The terrain of the entire Štajerska region is made up of steep-sloped vineyards and narrow, wind-rich hill valleys. A diverse geological soil composition, consisting mainly of sand and clay with marl in the lower layers. The vineyards spread out over the finest wine-growing sites of Haloze Hills. 

Farming: No irrigation. Environmentally friendly cultivation, following the integrated farming guidelines of Slovenia. 

Vinification: Kobal Sparkling wines are made from perfectly ripe grapes shaped by both old school and modern technological approaches in the cellar. Secondary fermentation begins directly from the grape juice sealed in a special tank. Pressure and effervescence are maintained till the end of fermentation. This approach allows the winemaker to produce fresh, varietal focused, yet sophisticated sparkling wine. 

Tasting Notes: This wine is ready to drink immediately after bottling. It is not meant to be aged but will maintain its freshness for at least a year in a bottle. The bouquet is reminiscent of citrus fruit, such as lemon and lime. Pleasant acidity and minerality on the palate are highlighted by the tiny playful bubbles. 

Serve at 4C as an aperitif, or with pasta with a cream sauce, vegetables or light fish dishes. 

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