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Kobal White Label Yellow Muscat Sweet

Kobal White Label Yellow Muscat Sweet

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Winery: Kobal

Classification: White wine

Varietals: 100% Yellow Muscat

Appellation: Haloze Hills, Lower Styria (Štajerska), Slovenia

Annual Production: 5,000 bottles

Alcohol: 12%

Tasting Notes: Wine description: Muscat grapes traditionally grow on famous winegrowing sites, which can be sensed in the luxury bouquet and taste of sweet Muscat. The smell preserved in the bouquet is characteristic for Muscat with citrus and floral nuances and pleasant taste of elderflower that is characteristics for the time of harvest. Typical Muscat aroma and flavor are combined with the acid and sugar into a lovely sweet wine experience.

Temperature: for perfect enjoyment 6˚C is recommended.

The chef’s advice: cheesecake with lime.

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